Well-known artists Laure and Sagar Ale to perform at unique Nepali musical festivals in U.S.

Manoj Neupane/Kathmandu –  Well-known Nepali artists Laure and Sagar Ale are to visit the United States for Nepali musical festivals in October and November 2018.

KTM Entertainment’s USA Tour program of these top artists will be at major U.S. cities. The musical festivals will be in Boston’s Wonderland Ballroom, New York’s Melrose Ballroom, Baltimore’s Torrent Lounge, Washington D.C.’s Fillmore Silver Spring, Minnesota’s Orpheum Theatre, Dallas’s House of Blues, Austin’s Sahara Lounge, San Francisco’s Mezzanine, Los Angeles El Rey Theatre and St. Louis’ The Pageant.

Mr. Rakesh Gurung, President of KTMEntertaiment, maintained that the programs will showcase the unique musical performances by Laure who is renowned for culturally unique style of Nepali rap and the performances of Sagar Ale of the unique melody and the style of Nepalese and indigenous music.

Laure’s performance will represent different ethnicity of various Nepali societies. The organizer maintains that the USA Tour program will be unique because their musical performance has won hearts of 30 million Nepalese and they proved their talents by being one of the most popular artists.

Sagar Ale’s performance of unique melody and the style of Nepalese and indigenous music has helped to place him as the fourth (4th) position in the recent edition of Nepal Idol. His musical performance is enriched with melodious voices have made impressions in the hearts and minds of every Nepalese. Nepal Idol is not limited to Nepal only, it has become most talked about events for Nepalese diaspora watching their shows from various countries. The Nepal Idol competition is revolutionary for music and television. It has become a platform to bring hidden talents to the stage from across the country.

These performances have received critical acclaim in Nepal from various media outlets. The story of how these artists have risen to prominence has inspired the nation. Their music celebrates the many different cultures and nationalities within Nepal and transcends generations. They serve to promote the history, values and unique talents of the Nepali people.

Laure and Sagar Ale’s popularity stretches far and wide, well beyond the confines of Nepal. They have a large global fanbase which includes a Nepalese Diaspora across many different countries, as well as a considerable social media following. Their growing worldwide appeal is apparent every time they go on international tours.

Through their music, Laure and Sagar Ale’s hotly anticipated international tours offer a taste of Nepal in each of their performances. Their international fans are given the opportunity to experience something brand new, musically and culturally. The music is traditional yet contemporary, different yet relatable. Laure and Sagar Ale’s artistry champions diversity whilst keeping the soul and integrity of Nepali cultural values intact.

The USA Tour program will bring something very special to a diverse American audience, in much the same way as in Nepal.



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